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If you have the gain on your interface maxed out and the phantom power is on and you still can’t get your vocals to a decent volume, you might need to get something called a Cloudlifter. I mean, you could also always just get another audio interface that could adequately power your microphone, but a Cloudlifter won’t cost you nearly as much—which is why many people rely on the CL-1 Cloudlifter. Before you go out and purchase a microphone you should note its polar pattern. Polar patterns represent the direction(s) from which a microphone picks up sound.

The less bumping and moving around that your microphone does, the better—and holding it in your hand is going to lead to the cable whacking things and ruining your recording. Depending on your situation, you can go with a mount that can attach to your desk or a free-standing tripod that you can attach the microphone to. Once you’ve taken steps to mitigate echoes and noise, the next step is to gather your equipment.

Customer Success in Small Business from Home, with Katie Matthews, Ep. 80

Entrepreneurs, CEOS, and world leaders have all been featured on this podcast, which currently has nearly 2,500 episodes. Learn about cultures across the world, how to create a sacred space, the financing behind building a global business, and more—from scientists, doctors, engineers, and everyone in between. After discovering a shared love of crime stories at a Halloween party in 2015, comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark teamed up to start a simple podcast in which each would share the story of a famous murder.

Spreadsheets, expense reports, follow-ups—they can all feel like a lot of time spent without much reward. Doing these tasks in silence can get mind-numbing, but tuning into an engaging or inspiring podcast while you complete them can make you feel like you’re getting more out of this time. We explore the remarkable journey of Amanda Austin, a seasoned marketing consultant with over two decades of experience. Amanda’s story is a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of remote work.

dedicated Home Offices Versus Hybrid Options with Rael Bricker, ep. 34

Season three mixes up the format, with insights and intrigue from a few different companies in each episode. Additionally Geoffrey shares some fascinating insights on entrepreneurship and how it can positively change the world in addition to how businesses can effectively look for and receive funding from investors. Billed as “Everything about working remotely, be that from home, or as a digital nomad,” this podcast has eight episodes that cover the gamut of remote-work topics, from Measuring Productivity to examining the Challenges with Remote Work. The podcasts were created in 2018 and 2019 by host Job van der Voort and are generally between 25 and 45 minutes long. Building Remotely is hosted by SafetyWing CEO and co-founder Sondre Rasch – an insurance company for nomads.

  • The chief executive of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, called it an “aberration”, and Barclays chief executive Jes Staley said it wasn’t sustainable, because of how hard it is to maintain culture and collaboration with teams working remotely.
  • Are you obsessing over something Doja Cat did at the VMAs or are confused by how Emily in Paris got an Emmy nomination?
  • Some episodes can get extremely long, and may take up over half your workday.
  • Oprah invites guests who have something evocative to share about mindfulness, gratitude, and cultivating an appreciation for life.
  • Beyond the To-Do List aims to help listeners achieve better work-life balance, stay productive at work, and hone other workplace skills, such as priority setting.

The first thing you’re going to need is a dedicated microphone, though we recommend limiting your search to microphones that are designed for podcasting. Depending on how deep down this rabbit hole you want to go, you have a lot to choose from. There are some ways to record a podcast with your smartphone’s inbuilt microphone, such as with the podcast-making app working from home podcast Anchor, but the audio quality won’t be as good. The pre-eminent factor of sports podcasts is the fact that they’re so widely accessible. They can fuel your opinion and provide you with the information you need to back it up. Hell, sometimes it seems like staying up to date with sports gossip and news is as competitive and cut-throat as the sports themselves.

Maximize Productivity in First and Final 30 minutes with Steve Mellor

Their shows are generally 40 to 45 minutes long, and since each of the three hosts works from a home office, the trio has plenty of relevant advice for those who work from home, whether or not you’re a writer. With new episodes dropping every Wednesday, this podcast,
which has been running since 2017, is described on Apple Podcasts as “one of
the top future of work podcasts.” Episodes vary in length from around 30
minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. But Sinha says that opportunities to shift to a fully flexible way of working may be being missed, with companies implementing new policies as rigid as the old ones. “I don’t think we are spending enough time thinking about are we giving people choice to shape their jobs, to shape what they do,” she tells us. In this episode of The Conversation Weekly, four experts dissect the impact a year of working from home has had on employees and the companies they work for – and what a more hybrid future might look like.

However, if you go off too far to the side or even behind the microphone, your voice will drop off significantly. This is useful if you don’t want to pick up any sound that may be coming from behind the microphone. Knowing which polar pattern best suits your environment or intended use case can go a long way when recording a podcast from home.

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